Fishtail Selenite today’s Crystal of the Day is Fishtail Selenite. Selenite is a smooth mineral, commonly translucent white with striations. Selenite works at the subtle strength bodies, connecting mild energy to the physical frame. Selenite is a spiritual stone, attuned to sophisticated, better vibrations. it’s far a totally useful stone for meditation and for contacting spirit publications. Selenite aids in telepathy aids in telepathy and astral projection. a bit of selenite held over the 0.33 eye factor (sixth chakra) can assist selenite crystal, challenge concept forms. A huge piece of Selenite within the room will absorb poor vibrations and create a non violent, calm vibration. Selenite can be used to set a grid around a mattress or room to keep negativity out and nice, recuperation, loving vibes in.

Selenite is or room to keep negativity out and nice,

recuperation, loving vibes in. Selenite is a completely tender mineral and is water soluble. Selenite is created by landlocked salt water, so even in solid shape, it still relates very a good deal to water and salt. A big piece of Selenite will deliver off bad ions, cleaning the environment. Fishtail Selenite is environment. Fishtail Selenite is so named for the form of the crystal, that seems like a “V” or fish tail. it’s also now and again known as Angel Wing Selenite due to its form, and is used to connect with the angelic geographical regions and spirit publications.

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