This bankruptcy is unedited so please comment for any horrific grammar and many others~~~chapter 2Tong Duan was mendacity on that small mattress, with his long arms and long feet, most of his legs ended up hanging from the give up of the bed. He sat up once more, hugged his knees, and curled into to cut back himself smaller in order that he may want to squeeze on the bed.
 “Dad, the mattress is so small,” Tong Duan stated, “however I’m very happy which will sleep within the mattress at home, thanks dad. ”Tong Le Tian all of sudden felt his heart circulate. While he changed into a baby, irrespectivewas going via, he might not cry, he could simply grit his tooth and undergo, due to the fact he didn’t need to reason hassle to his father. After growing up, Xiao’an is still a realistic infant. However you don’t have to be so practical, you’re my infant, I want to present you all the fine. Tong Lexian stated: “You…do you need to sleep with me? ”Tong Duan’s eyes lit up, and he asked with uncertainty in his voice: “can i?”Tong Lexian said, “Of course. “whilst Xiao ‘an entered elementary faculty, the father and son had separated rooms and stopped slumbering together. Xiao ‘an turned into fearful of the darkish at that point, and ran to Tong Lexian in the midnight, however Tong Lexian cruelly refused Xi’an’s however Tong Lexian cruelly refused Xi’an’s request to sleep together. He became concerned that he might break Xiao ‘an an excessive amount of, which would make his son too clingy and grow up spoiled. in a while, on every occasion he thinks of this, Tong Lexian feels very unhappy. What’s wrong with a child being frightened of the dark? What’s wrong with a toddler in What’s wrong with a toddler in search of the protection of his father? How can he refuse his son’s request? Tong Duan jumped away from bed and accompanied Tong Lexian’s bedroom. The mattress in Tong Lexian’s bedroom could be very big and gentle. It seems like being wrapped in clouds whilst lying on it. it’s miles very relaxed. Tong Duan rolled thankfully at the mattress Duan rolled thankfully at the mattress and stated, “Dad’s bed feels absolutely great ”Tong Lexian looked at Tong Duan rolling around on his bed. The bizarre feelings got here once more. He suppressed it and stated, “Dad will cross wash, you fall asleep. ”“No,” Tong Duan already blanketed himself with a cover, most effective showing a pair of large eyes, “I need to wait for Dad. ”Tong Duan become definitely expecting Tong Lexian as he stated, and whilst Tong Lexian went to mattress, Toang Duan hugged him tightly like octopus. “What are you doing?” Tong Duan feels uncomfortable, “permit go of me.”Tong Duan said: “I don’t need to permit cross, dad will run away if I allow Lexian said dumbfounded: “in which can i cross?”“ I don’t understand.” Tong Duan put his head on Tong Lexian’s chest and said, “I gained permit Dad run away anyway! ”Tong Lexian: “……”Tong Lexian feels uncomfortable being hugged whilst drowsing. He never felt the sensation of being this near other human beings when he become slumbering, despite the fact that the person that hugged him is his son, although hethe person that hugged him is his son, although he become handiest an AI that he used to update his son, but the feeling continues to be too odd. He struggled some instances, however didn’t control to interrupt unfastened, Tong Duan’s strength turned into so terrific that he gave up. Tong Lexian idea, perhaps he feels insecure, so he instinctivelyhe instinctively wants to get close to his dad for fear of being deserted. Tong Duan whispering on Tong Lexian’s ear and stated, “Dad, exact night time. “the warm breath sprayed into the ears, and Tong Lexian tilted his head away. He said, “suitable night. ”AI fast sleeps as soon as they’re in a dormant country. In much less than a 2d, Tong Duan is “asleep”. Tong Lexian stared at Tong a 2d, Tong Duan is “asleep”. Tong Lexian stared at Tong Duan’s face for a long time, and gradually conventional the reality that his son had modified from 8 to eighteen. He poked Tong Duan inside the face, and the touch turned into no different from human skin. Even his body temperature become almost similar to that of humans. If he hadn’t seen Tong Duan’s charging process within the afternoon, he would havehumans. If he hadn’t seen Tong Duan’s charging process within the afternoon, he would have suspected that the man or woman holding him turned into a real character. When Tong Lexian woke up, there was a moment of confusion. He quietly idea about it for a while earlier than remembering that the person snoozing subsequent to him changed into his alternative son AI Tong Duan. After some time, Tong Duan awakened too. Best then did Tonginto his alternative son AI Tong Duan. After some time, Tong Duan awakened too. Best then did Tong Lexian comprehend that he was still in Tong Duan’s palms and he became resting on the other person’s arm. if you alternate this posture to every other character, it would appear ambiguous, but Tong Lexian most effective cares approximately Tong Duan’s hand that might numb at this point. He messaged Tong Duan’s arm some instances earlier than he realized that Tong Duan was an AI, and he realized that Tong Duan might not experience a experience like numbness. Tong Duan stated: “Dad, exact morning. ”Tong Lexian stated: “correct morning. ”Tong Duan blinked and stated innocently: “Dad, how about a good morning kiss? ”Tong Lexian: “……”Xiao ‘an has common issues that maximum youngsters have, that he loves to stay in mattress. Whenever when Tong Lexian went to awaken Xiao ‘an, he could continually kiss his brow lightly and provide him an amazing morning kiss. Xiao ‘an might embarrassedly twisted within the quilt, saying that Dad i am a massive guy already, you don’t have to kiss me, however if Tong Lexian forgets to present the best Morning kiss, Xiao ‘an might be angry, pouting and pronouncing Dad doesn’t love him anymore. Tong Lexian looked at Tong Duan, and he found it changed into hard to kiss him. An 8-12 months-antique is different from an eighteen-yr-antique. “Dad, true morning kiss, don’t you love Xiao ‘an?” Tong Duan pulled Tong Lexian’s sleeves andpulled Tong Lexian’s sleeves and stated, “Xiao ‘an is going to be taken away with the aid of the bed demon, and the curse can most effective be lifted via dad’s kiss. ”Tong Lexian was amused, but he nevertheless couldn’t do it. He said: “You’re old enough, Dad can’t kiss you anymore. ”Tong Duan is unhappy, however he knows that he has justhe has just arrived at his new home, so he has to behave, or his father would possibly go back him. Tong Lexian saved all of Xi’an’s clothes and purchased a lot of new ones, but these garments have been all organized for the eight-year-old Xiao ‘an, not appropriate for the eighteen-12 months-vintage AI Tong Duan. therefore, he plannedto take Tong Duan out to shop for garments after he had breakfast. Tong Lexian is never stingy whilst buying matters for his son. so long as Xiao ‘an likes and he should purchase, he will purchase they all. especially when you consider that his son is lovable and stylish, and wears extra garments than the little models the magazine. The result is a quite Xiao ‘an that has been scouted by numerous scouts whilst the pair of fathers and sons have been purchasing in the mall. They desired Xiao ‘an to be a child version, however Tong Lexian refused. however, the 18-12 months-antique AI Tong Duan has come to be a handsome boy with long fingers and lengthy legs. it is a lovely scenery even if he’s simplyfingers and lengthy legs. it is a lovely scenery even if he’s simply sporting informal clothes. The purchasing guide woman of the garb shop become charmed by means of Tong Duan and said to Tong Lexian: “Sir, your boyfriend is so good-looking! ”Tong Duan, who changed into consuming water, spurted out a mouthful of water and choked on it in his throat, coughing up a storm. Tong Duan, who was trying on garments, rushed over to in his throat, coughing up a storm. Tong Duan, who was trying on garments, rushed over to pat him at the returned and said with a moderate reproach, “Dad, why are you so careless? ”The shopping guide lady listened to Tong Duan calling Tong Lexian his father, and she or he was embarrassed and feeling disbelief, said dryly: “Sir, you look very young but you absolutely have this kind of

“Sir, you look very young but you absolutely have this kind of huge son .”Tong Lexian got irritated and stated, “I’m thirty- years old, nearly forty.”(T/N : Meh, you still have eight years, this is nonetheless a long way Lexian)buying manual lady: “……”The purchasing guide girl looked at Tong Duan, he appeared can a thirty-two-12 months-antique have this type of massive baby? How precocious it is! I’ve been a buying manual girls for see you later, do you believe you studied i can’t tell that that is a function-playing game as father and son, proper? you’re so proper at preserving your individual! Tong Lexian had no idea that his photograph within the heart of the purchasing guide lady had end up a young good-looking uncle who might play properly at function-playing video games. He sold numerous units of garments with delight, and the shopping guide lady was so glad that she smiled so extensive you can see her tooth. Whilst Tong Lexian went to check out, the purchasing guide lady quietly said to lady quietly said to Tong Duan: “Your boyfriend is so kind to you. ”Tong Duan raised his eyebrows, and a grin seemed on the corners of his mouth. He did not deny the claim of the shopping manual lady. Tong Lexian took Tong Duan going good good-looking a long term and purchased plenty of garments and toys, as though he become trying to make up for the ten years that he overlooked from eight to 18 years vintage, become trying to make up for the ten years that he overlooked from eight to 18 years vintage, till the 2 of them finished purchasing. They move domestic with limitless bags in hand. Tong Duan took two more bags from Tong Lexian, and stated with a chuckle, “Dad, i’m already 18-12 months-antique. I can help you deliver things. ”Tong Lexian smiled and stated: “If handiest I ought to Lexian smiled and stated: “If handiest I ought to stay with you until you have been eighteen. ”Tong Duan desired to hold Tong Lexian’s hand, but they all carried too bubble hanging chair, many stuff and couldn’t preserve hands at all. Tong Duan placed the whole lot at the ground and stubbornly held Tong Lexian’s hand. If the eight-yr-vintage Xiao ‘an and his father keep hands, it might bethe eight-yr-vintage Xiao ‘an and his father keep hands, it might be a stunning photo of father and son filial piety, but when the eighteen-12 months-antique AI Tong Duan and Tong Lexian holding fingers, the picture became a bit bit ambiguous. Tong Lexian threw away Tong Duan’s hand and said, “What are you stay with me till I’m twenty-eight, thirty-8, forty-eight, and 100 and eight, proper? ”Tong Lexian stated dumbfounded: “you are too grasping. ”Tong Duan requested earnestly: “you may, right? ”Tong Lexian sighed inaudibly and nodded. When they went to the parking lot, they passed a bubble tea shop. Tong Duan stood in front of the bubble tea shop and simply stood there, watchingwatching the group of people lining up to buy bubble tea. Tong Lexian requested: “What are you looking at? ”Tong Duan said: “Dad, I’ve most effective seen bubble tea at the net. i have in no way visible a actual bubble tea. I need to look what the bubble tea looks as if.”The bubble tea keep made bubble tea to the pair of men and women who coated up at the the front. The bubble tea has cute golden pearls under*, appearance lovely. Tong Duan made an admiring “Wow” sound, “It’s so lovely. ”Xiao ‘an likes to drink bubble tea, but because he’s young and nevertheless growing, and his health isn’t true, Tong Lexian  strictly controls the quantity the quantity of bubble tea that Xiao ‘an beverages, handiest one cup a month. thankfully, Xiao ‘an is a superb kid, knowing that his father is strict for his personal correct, despite the fact that he regularly watched others ingesting bubble tea on the road, he wouldn’t make a noise and ask for the bubble tea. Tong Lexian  said: “I’ll purchase you a glass, what flavor purchase you a glass, what flavor could you like to drink?” Tong Duan said: “i can’t drink it, permit’s no longer waste it.” He said that, however his eyes have been stuck on the bubble tea cup, glaringly he wanted it very lots. Tong Lexian  smiled, and said: “purchase it for you, I’ll drink it.” Tong Duan said: “Then dad just buy a cup, with lots pearls~ ”Tong Lexian  said: “ok. ”Tong Lexian  bought thejust buy a cup, with lots pearls~” Tong Lexian  said: “ok.”Tong Lexian  bought the bubble tea after which exceeded it to Tong Duan. Tong Duan kept protecting the bubble tea and smiled brightly. He shook the bubble tea, and the pearl in it also shook. He poked the pearl via the cup, and the become over.upon getting inside the car, the 2 of them piled up the few huge luggage of garments within the again seat and the bubble tea stayed in Tong Duan’s hand.Tong Duan asked: “Dad, is bubble tea sweet? ”Tong Lexian  stated: “yes. ”Tong Duan asked: “Is the bubble tea scrumptious? “Tong Lexian  stated: “most of the people find it Duan asked, “Does it taste top, Dad.” Tong Lexian paused before announcing, “I don’t like sweets very a lot, but Xiao ‘an likes it very a lot, so it should be delicious.” whenever Tong Lexian mentioned Xiao ‘an, there has been sadness and loneliness revealed on his face, which made Tong Duan’s heart sense a touch uncomfortable.AI can’t recognize humanso maybe he feels uncomfortable due to some garbled codes in his software. Tong Duan said: “I need to have a sip. “Tong Lexian stated: “you mayn’t drink. ”“I recognize.” Tong Duan leaned again in his chair and said aggrievedly, “I simply said it. ”Tong Lexian felt smooth, this Tong Duan acted similar to his Xiao’an. Tong Lexian commenced the car and drove home. Inside the underground automobile parking space, the lighting fixtures were dim. when he turned into reversing and drove home. Inside the underground automobile parking space, the lighting fixtures were dim. when he turned into reversing and entering the automobile parking space, he abruptly heard a coughing sound from the facet. His hand shook. The rear of the car hit the the front of the car subsequent to him. The ringing of a vehicle alarm in the storage all the storage all at once made humans dizzy. however he didn’t care to peer what the car crashed into. He turned around to study Tong Duan, and saw that the bubble tea in Tong Duan’s hand became one-0.33 less! “Did you drink the bubble tea?” Tong Le eagerly pat Tong Duan’s returned, “Spit it out! Spit it out! you’re anyou’re an AI, how will you devour human meals?!”Tong Duan coughed tougher, and even twitched slightly. “Are there any parts broken by means of water? I’m able to ask after-income service, they have to have a way. ”Tong Lexian took out his cellular cellphone and dialed the after-income wide variety. earlier than the call became linked, Tong Duan grabbed the cellphone and hung up. Tong Le frowned and asked: “What are you doing?” Tong Duan stated: “Dad, don’t name, the cellphone and hung up. Tong Le frowned and asked: “What are you doing? “Tong Duan stated: “Dad, don’t name, I’m quality. ”Tong Duan’s face continues to be crimson, and the ends of his eyes also are crimson, like a human reaction after hypoxia. Tong Duan stated nicely: “i was choked with the aid of pearls. It’s actually ok. Allare made waterproof. It doesn’t even be counted if we take a bath or swim. It’s k to drink a touch bubble tea.”Tong Lexian stated: “I stated you mayn’t drink, why do you drink it? ”Tong Duan said: “I’m sorry, Dad, I simply need to taste what it tastes like, although…i can’t taste whatever, sorry. ”Tong Duan apologized in aa low voice, making Tong Lexian’s coronary heart getting smooth, he can’t undergo to scold him. He sighed and stated, “next time you aren’t allowed to consume or drink human food. ”Tong Duan nodded obediently. PREVTOCsubsequentshare this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading…associated bankruptcy 1 – The alternative AIFebruary sixteen, 2021In “replacement” alternative chapter 5 – Birthday’s cake March 14, 2021In “replacement” substitute chapter three – Possessiveness March 1, 2021In “substitute”

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